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Annie Sloan Wall Paint

Following the massive success of Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan, July will see the launch of Wall Paint to the Annie Sloan range.

This new range of Wall Paint is tough, water based and perfectly created for interior Walls. It is durable, washable and ready to take on anything that life throws at it.



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Chalk Paint decorative paint by Annie Sloan – Using Clear Wax

Using Annie Sloan Clear Wax

Why the Need to Wax Furniture?

This is a question we get asked frequently. Once you’ve taken the time to loving paint something, Waxing is essential to protect the colour and seal the paint. If you leave a piece of furniture un-waxed the paint will eventually chip and scratch so waxing will prevent this from happening.  Annie Sloan offers two types of wax; Clear Wax is colourless and will give a beautiful matt finish, whilst Dark Wax adds deep texture and an aged character.

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Get Cosy at Home

With Christmas over and done with for another three hundred and fifty odd days, it’s time to get your home cosy and snug until Spring arrives.

As much as I love Christmas and the whole festive season, I also love this time of year. After a hectic month of eating, drinking and far too much merriment, January gives us a chance to relax, unwind and catch up on some detoxing! Yes the dark nights are still here, but they will soon move way for the lighter mornings and nights.

Time for Nesting.

Whether it is big thick socks or a fluffy throw, texture plays a big part in getting cosy. Adding some different textures to your home will ensure the ultimate in comfort. Velour, Faux Fur, Fleece, soft Velvet or Woolen Knits are all key textures for comfort.  Plump cushions added to a bed or sofa will instantly give the “sink in to me” look while a luxurious throw can be used for added comfort and extra warmth on the cold nights.


The right lighting.

This time of the year I totally forget about the main light and rely solely on one or two lamps. This adds a gorgeous glow to a room and creates a cosy ambience. Add some beautifully lit candles for a romantic feeling. With an array of gorgeous candle holders and lamps to choose from you will find a style to suit your home interior.


Play with Colour.

All it takes is a lick of paint to transform a room from cold to cosy in a matter of hours. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint comes in a range of colours, with rich Emperors Silk, deep Burgundy and warming French Linen, all are perfect to simply transform your furniture.
Choose throws and cushions with a seasonal colour such as Bronze and gold metallics which are sure-fire colours to add a cosy feel to your home, or add key pieces in plum or berry colours for a rich, warming feel.



Happy New Year 2015


So we are counting down the days left in 2014 before we enter 2015. A brand new year is often seen as a brand new start, a chance to make a change to your life; a new year a new life!

Lose weight, join the gym, quit smoking, save money, be happy, we’ve all been there and the majority of us have failed at some point.

So we’ve listed the key three things to help us to stick to our New Year Resolutions.

  • Make your goals achievable.

Yes it’s more exciting to make big targets for a New Year Resolution like losing 50lb and quitting smoking going cold turkey. But chances are if you commit to losing 5lb a month or smoking one or two cigarettes less a day you’re more likely to stick at this and you’ll find it more easy and a lot less daunting. The more manageable the goal the more likely you are to succeed.

  • Know that you might Screw up, and that’s ok.
We all make mistakes, we are human. So know that you might have a hiccup along the way and don’t beat your self up over it. A lot of the time we are all guilty of “Oh I’ve blown it, might as well give up” but there is no reason for us to give up. Just start again tomorrow, after all a new start doesn’t need to be done when a New Year comes around.
  • Be Motivated and believe in yourself.

Behaviour change and routines are hard to break, but believing in yourself and knowing your self worth will be the key to sticking to a life changing resolution.

Christmas Countdown

One Week until Christmas!!

If you have not yet finished your shopping, fear not you’re probably not alone!! I think we all secretly love running around like a headless chicken Turkey in the last few days leading up to Christmas. It adds to the excitement, right? Well at least that’s what I tell myself. Last minute card delivering, buying the fizz, stocking up on nuts, it’s all part of the festivities.

So if you’re looking for some last minute stocking fillers we have loads in stock and you’ve still got to time to grab them before Christmas as our last posting date is 20th December or 23rd December for Special Delivery.

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Christmas Gift Ideas: Gifts for your Best Friends for Under £25

Stuck on what to buy your best friend at Christmas? We’ve put together a list of gorgeous gift ideas for under £25 each.



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Painting Pumpkins with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™


We are currently obsessed with painting Pumpkins! It’s such a fun and unique way to give a simple Pumpkin a new lease of life. Read more on “Painting Pumpkins with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™” »

Joma Jewellery A/W 14 In Stock Now

We are very excited to announce that we now have stock of Joma Jewellery’s A/W14 range.

This range is dedicated to all things sparkly and shiny and like the magpies that we are we just know it will prove to be a massive hit with all ages and all styles.

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